Police Officer & Law Enforcement Training

Not only is Evolution VR a great, safe place to have fun with virtual reality, it’s also a certified training provider for Indiana law enforcement officers.

Evolution VR has partnered with global VR training platform Street Smarts to bring the best in immersive training technology to Indiana’s police agencies.

Unlike 2D training simulators and other legacy solutions, Street Smarts VR fully immerses officers with a 540-degree field of view, freedom of movement, and scenarios sourced from the real world, including body cam footage and incident reports.

Street Smart’s expansive library ranges from traffic stops to active shooter scenarios. Each scenario has multiple outcomes and will be run and executed by Evolution VR’s certified instructors with deep law enforcement experience.

How it works:

Bring your officers in full duty gear and we handle the rest, including:

  • Indoor training facility, located in Greenfield, Indiana
  • Training Software and Hardware
  • High-Fidelity Replica Weapons
  • Highly Qualified Trainers
  • Meeting Rooms
  • On-Demand Catering

Each scenario branch lasts up to 5 minutes, depending on the officer’s reactions and trainer inputs.  Upon completing a full session, trainers will run After-Action Review to pause and replay scenarios, gauging an officer’s response and interactions with subjects and bystanders against strategic objectives.

Evolution VR is certified as an Indiana Law Enforcement Academy training provider for law enforcement situational awareness topics. That means your officers will earn real training hours to hone their situational awareness through these cutting-edge simulations.

Virtual reality is the most effective way to recreate high-risk, critical law enforcement situations, so your team can train safely, efficiently, and with repeatability.  In a study conducted by Boeing, military personnel trained with VR were 2.7 times more likely to be successful versus those prepped with traditional methods.  With Street Smarts VR’s hyper-realistic technology and Evolution VR’s facility and trainers, your officers can maximize readiness, build resilience, and facilitate de-escalation and conscious use of force.

Contact manager Sam Montgomery at sam@theevr.com or 317-778-0106 to set up training sessions for your officers now.


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