Evolution VR – Sports 

Creed Rise to Glory VR Game

Creed 2

You are Adonis Creed, fighting toe-to-toe with the world’s top opponents to establish your boxing legacy.  Rated – Teen

Everyday Golf VR Game

Everyday Golf

Realistic golf VR experience that is playable as an online PVP game or single-player experience.  Rated – Everyone


PowerBeatsVR is an intense rhythm-based VR fitness game with lots of boxing and smashing incoming objects and dodging obstacles. This game features a distinct focus on full-body movement, takes hit speed into consideration on higher difficulty levels, and will give you an outstanding virtual workout!  Enjoy the satisfying feeling of shattering everything in your path, dodge obstacles, and move in harmony with finely tuned music of vastly different genres.  1 Player, Rated – Everyone, 10+

Suitable for Kids

Beat Saber VR Game

Beat Saber

Star Wars meets Dance Dance Revolution. Cut blocks with the beat of the music.  Rated – Everyone

Cloudlands Mini Golf VR Game

CloudLands Mini Golf

Mini golf game that takes you beyond your normal mini golf course.  Rated – Everyone

Everyday Baseball VR Game

Everyday Baseball

A VR baseball simulator based on a real-life baseball game!  Rated – Everyone

Rec Room VR Game

Rec Room

Rec Room is the best place to hang out with friends from all around the world! Play multiplayer games like Paintball, or just chill in the park. Discover thousands of player-created rooms, with new ones added daily. Or build your own rooms with friends. It’s cross platform, so come and join the fun! Rated – Everyone, 10+