Action and Adventure

Action and Adventure

Crisis VRigade

Crisis VRigade is a virtual reality action-filled first-person shooter that lets players take on the role of a SWAT trooper and deal with a hostage situation in a bank robbery.  Rated – 16+

Doctor Who: The Edge of Time

A new mysterious enemy threatens to tear apart the universe, and only you can stop them! “Doctor Who: The Edge of Time” lets players embark on an adventure through space and time. Travel across the universe, visit alien locations, pilot the TARDIS and solve the mystery of the controlling force behind the Reality Virus. Rating: 8+

Elven Assassin VR Game


Elven Assassin

Take a bow and kill hordes of orcs in this epic castle defense game. You can play alone or unite with other assassins in online co-op mode.  Rated -Teen, 10+

Fruit Ninja

Fruit Ninja VR takes squishy, satisfying gameplay and turns it into a virtual reality experience for players of all ages and skill levels. Step into the Fruit Ninja universe and tackle fruit from all angles – just don’t hit the bombs! All Ages

Expect You VR Game

I Expect You To Die

I Expect You To Die is a virtual reality puzzle game that places you in the well-polished shoes of an elite secret agent. Attempt to survive your deadly missions by using problem-solving skills and wits… oh yes, and the power of telekinesis! Escape each situation or die trying.  Rated -Everyone, 10+

Naked Sun

In the year 2232, World War IV is coming to an end.  Humans are fighting a losing battle against aggressive machines.  The only way to survive is to attack.  Tomorrow morning, you will intercept a cargo train bound for the global capital, Mexico City, and ride it deep inside the enemy territory.  Rated – 16+

Raw Data VR Game

Raw Data

A fast pace futuristic shooter where robots are trying to kill you at every turn. Use a gun, sword, bow and arrow, or your fists. You just have to survive.  Rated -Teen


VR was made for this.  Perform triple jumps, wall runs, power slides and slow time down while blasting away at a foe before landing to deliver a blade attack on another.  Kit yourself with katanas, firearms, bows, throwing glaives and legendary relics.  Keep upgrading as you play.  PURE CYBER NINJA FUN.  Rating 16+

Undead Development

How long would you survive in this unrealistic representation of the zombie apocalypse? Scavenge for supplies, find a base, and construct your defenses. Break down furniture and board up your home. Set bear traps, nail your axe to a gun, or find your own ways to fight off the undead.  Rating 16+

Until You Fall

From the team behind “I Expect You to Die,” comes this arcade-inspired VR hack-and-slash, which will force you to find and master your own fighting style for hours of frantic, kinetic fun. Rating 12+

Woeful Woebots

Your robot creations have turned against you!  As their master, you have to destroy every single one of them before they do something strikingly similar to you!  Grab your guns from your super high-tech hips and blast your way through their filthy electronic meat!  1 player Rated – Everyone

Suitable for Kids

Acron: Attack of the Squirrels

The golden acorns are under attack! It’s up to you and your friends to protect them or steal them – depending if you take on the role of an extraordinarily protective tree or as one of several crafty, yet thieving squirrels – in the new cross-platform party game, Acron: Attack of the Squirrels!


In Bonfire, you play the lead role in an interactive narrative. As Space Scout 817, you’re on a mission to discover a new home for the human race.


Beat Saber VR Game

Beat Saber

Star Wars meets Dance Dance Revolution. Cut blocks with the beat of the music.  Rated – Everyone

Furious Seas

Furious Seas puts you in command as captain of a deadly pirate ship.  Navigate through treacherous waters and blast apart fearsome enemy fleets in this thrilling VR adventure like no other.  Carve out your legend today amidst the Furious Seas.

Rating 10+

Just in Time Incorporated VR Game

Just In Time Incorporated

Become a death prevention insurance agent at Just In Time Incorporated and grab bullets, grenades, or even a fire extinguisher to save your clients.  Rated – Teen


Take care of cute kittens – lots and lots of cute kittens! Get points for keeping them happy and lose points for everything they destroy.

Loco Dojo VR Game

Loco Dojo

Enter the whimsical wooden world of Loco Dojo and step up to Grand Sensei’s ‘Table of Trials’ to pit your silliest skills against up to three friends or strangers in this hilariously competitive cross-platform multiplayer social VR party game. Rated – Teen, 10+

Snow Fortress VR Game

Snow Fortress

Relive your childhood by building the perfect snow fort and protecting it from getting trashed by an army of angry snowmen!  Rated – Everyone