Corporate Events & Team Building

Are you interested in corporate events or team building for your company or organization?

It’s no secret that when people work together as a team it often leads to success. However your company defines success; we are sure that Evolution VR will offer the best experiences that can help improve the communication and cooperation of your team!

How will Evolution VR help my company with Team Building?

    • Your organization can experience new worlds, create unforgettable memories, and have a sense of unity that they can relay into the workforce.
    • The diverse experiences will encourage creative thinking and effective communication between partners.
    • The team will have to work through challenges and develop their problem solving skills together.
    • The experiences typically last 1-2 hours long, so it won’t take too much time away from your employee’s free time, which makes it easier for you to coordinate with everyone’s schedules.
    • The fun, engaging, and educational atmosphere will help them polish, or even discover, important skills they can translate into their professions.

Corporate Events and Team Building

Evolution VR’s dedicated team will make sure this event is special for you and your organization. Here are a few other opportunities that are available for our team packages we think you will enjoy:

    • A customizable price based around your goals for the event.
    • A meeting room that can make your event more exclusive and is the perfect setting for meetings, celebratory speeches, enjoying a slideshow for a particular milestone or event, or just a reserved spot for your team to visit.
    • If you are wanting to provide food for the event, we can recommend several catering options or you can bring your own.
    • We have many other ways we can help make your event special including, customized lighting and access to our display screens where you can show off your company’s logo (or that embarrassing photo you promised you’d only show at their retirement party). We can even display your information in the virtual world!

Whatever the reason, we want your next event to be special and enjoyable, and our team will help make that possible!  If you’re ready to challenge and develop your team, please contact us at 317-778-0106 or via email at

Corporate Events and Team Building